What are the first things people want to arrange when they decide travel to another city?

The best place to stay, and the best places to eat. These days they also appreciate everything being taken care of for them. And so, in 2019, A Tale of Two Cities was created by the Gastronomous team, and in so doing ‘Gastro-Tourism’ was born.

The first itineraries were three-day experiences in London and Paris where guests – in this case American Express Platinum Card members – purchased all-inclusive tickets. This include: stays at 5* Hyatt Hotels in London and Paris, Business Premier on Eurostar in a private carriage, Michelin-Starred Gourmet Odyssey in London, dinner in London with a celebrated chef, private tour of The Louvre, dinner prepared by Jerome Bocuse, exclusive tour of the Caves du Louvre wine cellars and lunch at Ducasse sur Seine – the legendary chef’s boat.

The whole weekend was created, managed and hosted by Gastronomous. Working closely with our long-term client, World of Hyatt, the A Tale of Two Cities programme will now expand significantly in the years ahead due to the high demand and the success of the first itineraries.

In 2020 there will be London-Paris; London-Barcelona; London-Amsterdam and London-Budapest. In 2021 itineraries in the USA and Asia – involving longer stays and not always anchored in London – will also come to market. We firmly believe that ‘Gastro-Tourism’ is a natural next step for Gastronomous as a business and we are exploring other opportunities.

A Tale of Two Cities is a programme for American Express Platinum Cardmembers.

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