We are a London-based marketing agency working with some of the world’s leading brands to communicate their story to consumers through culinary experiences.

What makes us different? Three things.

Firstly, the activations, events and experiences we create are not flash-in-the-pan gimmicks swiftly forgotten but long-term creative ideas that can keep delivering for brands year after year.

In some cases these activations, which the directors of Gastronomous own, become brands in their own right – such as the London Restaurant Festival (est. 2009), The Rosebery (est. 2013) and the National Cookery School Guide (est. 2015). All projects still thriving and delivering for the clients we have associated with them.

Secondly, despite our creative drive and entrepreneurial ethos, we know that ultimately we work for our clients and, as such, we are determinedly client-led in our approach. We believe in developing long-term partnerships; some of our clients have been with us over ten years.

At Gastronomous (or Gastro for short), we listen assiduously to what a client is trying to achieve before going away and thinking about how we can help them both in the short-term and over a sustained period of time.

And the third thing that makes us different? We think small is good. That’s how we stay close to our clients. While you will be appointed a dedicated team of day-to-day Account Managers, you can always deal directly with the two partners in the business.

There are obviously certain ‘engine room’ elements our agency provides which are common to most agencies – but are nonetheless very important in delivering a successful activation. It also means that our clients have a one-stop-shop. These include branding, creative design, marketing, social media, photography, video production and PR.

Finally, we appreciate today’s marketing teams are lean so once we agree what is being delivered our clients can, if they wish, have a very ‘light-touch’ approach while we go off and deliver. However, if you ever need us; we are here.

Get in touch to find out what Gastronomous can do to help your brand.

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