This series is an example of what can happen when a client approaches us to create an experiential programme for a specific audience.

The benefits available to American Gold Card members were not deemed sufficient – or special – enough for the fees charged.

The team who look after this area at American Express in London shared this insight with us – and also the results of extensive market research into what the Amex Gold Card members wanted and expected. Loyalty in the credit card marketplace is extremely hard won and so the benefits packages are constantly addressed and improved. Amex Gold Card users indicated that dining, food and culture (high and low) were key areas of interest. With this information Gastronomous spent six months developing a new programme that we called Eat Life. The idea is broad in scope but simple of essence. Marketing directly by American Express, Gold Card members can buy tickets to a variety of experiences and events created and managed by the Gastronomous team that include both an element of dining/food and a culture. This includes: Eat Art, Eat Fashion, Eat Theatre, Eat Music, Eat Film, Books, Eat TV and Eat Sport.

In 2019 successful pilots for Eat Film and Eat Wine were held. Eat Life will expand during 2020 with a full programme in 2021.