In 2015 we were approached by Kenwood, the leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, to see if there was an opportunity for them to partner with the London Restaurant Festival.

They wanted to burnish their credentials with the best chefs and restaurants in the capital. We were not confident that it was a suitable fit for Kenwood and suggested that Cookery Schools were a more suitable and relevant sector for them to build a relationship with. But how best to do this?

After several months of research Gastronomous presented the idea of creating the UK’s first Cookery School Guide. The idea well received and NCSG was launched in 2016. The digital guide features the top 50 Cookery Schools in the UK (as selected by a distinguished panel of cookery writers, editors and chefs), a constantly updated Journal of recipes and interviews and the UK’s only universal Cookery School Gift Card programme. Kenwood was soon joined by Waitrose as the Official Grocer.

Always with a mind on how to develop the idea and provide more value to our partners, we crated a Kenwood Master classes programme. This was a UK-wide promotion with John Lewis where customers who purchased a Kenwood Chef Sense received a complimentary Master Class at one of the country’s top 50 cookery schools. The programme was managed end-to-end by Gastronomous.