Differentiate Estrella Galicia from other Spanish beers in the UK marketplace through an association with gastronomy.


The Spanish region of Galicia is well regarded for its gastronomy: both its produce and the fact that it has more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other region of Spain. We tapped into this story to create an authentic brand platform for Estrella Galicia, which we have been bringing to life since 2016.

We have done multiple campaigns with Estrella Galicia:

Flying-over Michelin-starred chefs from Galicia for a series of eight chef-hosted events at some of the UK’s most renowned Spanish restaurants. At each of these events, a B2B lunch for prospective accounts/restaurants from that city. In the evening, a consumer event. Estrella Galicia beers are paired with each course.

To amplify these high-profile collaborations we created a Galicia Recipe Book containing twenty recipes from UK and Galician chefs to encourage people to try these recipes, and pair these Estrella Galicia beers, at home.

During October/July, there are a range of London-based events as part of London Restaurant Festival autumn and summer edition (owned and operated by Gastronomous). This includes chef-hosted events and restaurant-hopping ‘Tapas Tours” (visiting five Spanish restaurants in one day, with a beer in each). All Galician inspired menus paired with Estrella Galicia.

In 2021 we launched Estrella Galicia’s first “Gastronomy Month“, celebrating over 50 Spanish restaurants across the UK. The month comprises of 12 events taking place in London, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow and Dublin. As well as special menu promotions with over 50 restaurants throughout the month: each menu will be paired with Estrella Galicia beer, highlighting Estrella Galicia’s commitment to gastronomy.

All of this activity is shared with the broader community of interest through fully integrated social media strategy.

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